FANNP Scholarships

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FANNP as an organization is committed to educational advancement and is proud to be able to award scholarships to nurses and NNPs continuing their educational pursuits in the field of neonatal health care.
At the end of the year a percentage of the money in the FANNP general operating budget is placed in a scholarship fund.
Scholarships are awarded annually at the FANNP Symposium. The scholarship recipients give back and provide a short article, case study, practice pointer, evidenced-based practice update or literature review which is published in the FANNP Membership Newsletter.
All FANNP members pursuing a degree in neonatal health care are encouraged to apply. Scholarship monies can be used for tuition, books or any expenses incurred while in school.

FANNP Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

• The application period for the 2019 scholarship is Sept. 15, 2018 to Sept. 15, 2019. (i.e. To be eligible for a 2019 scholarship you must have attended classes sometime between Sept. 15, 2018 and Sept. 15, 2019.)
• Scholarship applicants must be FANNP members.
• All voting members, student members and associate members are eligible.
• Priority for scholarship award will be given to voting members, followed by student members and then associate members.
• Priority for scholarship award will be based on length of membership and service to FANNP.
• Scholarship applicants must be a licensed RN, ARNP, NNP or equivalent.
• Preference will be given to currently licensed NNPs working towards an advanced degree.
• Scholarship applicants must attend an educational program leading to a degree related to the health care field during the application period.
• Preference will be given to those working towards a degree in neonatal health care.
• An applicant may receive a maximum of two scholarship awards for each degree sought.
• Applicants will be asked to submit a 3-5 page article submitted as a word document, in APA format, for publication in the FANNP newsletter as part of the application process.

The completed scholarship application must be Postmarked by September 15, 2019.
To obtain an application or for questions, please contact FANNP via email at:

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